Points, Grades and Promotions





To help you achieve points for booking Oceania Cruises you can earn points per stateroom booked.

25 Points – G-C grades (Inside, Ocean View, Deluxe Ocean View)

50 Points – B-A grades (French Veranda, Veranda and Concierge Veranda)

75 Points – PH grades (Penthouse Suites)

100 Points – OC-OS grades (Oceania Suite, Vista Suite Owner’s Suite)


More points when booking the below:

Around the World 2026 – 197 days – 500 Reward Points

Around the World 2026 – 120/180 days –  Double Reward Points

Grand Voyages 72-82 days – Double Reward Points


Please submit your claims within 60 days of making the booking. Points will be verified and awarded to your account once your booking is confirmed and the deposit payment received.


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