Better Than Ever: OceaniaNEXT


Reintroducing each of our six ships in a phased, methodical fashion will also allow us to execute flawlessly as we bring each of the ships back into service. You know very well how eager your clients are to return to sailing again, so when they do, we want to not just welcome them back to the Oceania Cruises they remember and cherish, but also to exceed their expectations by elevating the dining experiences and service levels. From the very first sailing, the guest experience will be better than ever. As we get closer to sailing, we will have some exciting OceaniaNEXT news to share about onboard culinary and service enhancements.

OceaniaNEXT: Sweeping New Culinary Experiences

From dozens of new flavourful dishes at The Grand Dining Room and Toscana to the addition of internationally inspired poke bowls at Waves Grill and a vastly expanded Sunday Brunch, this latest collection of OceaniaNEXT enhancements elevates and evolves our culinary programme, making certain your guests experience will be better than ever.

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